Saturday, 21 December 2013

Resources - Homeless Community/Winter Storms

I am compiling a list of resources and contacts that anyone can use should you see someone in need of shelter. Please use your judgement and based on your comfort level, you can decide if you wish to approach someone and ask if they need help.

If the person does wish to go inside there are some options:

The City of Toronto has a Shelter Assessment and Referral Centre located at 129 Peter St. (corner of Peter/Richmond) Transportation to that location may be a barrier, you could help with a TTC token or call Streets To Homes at 416-392-0090 and outreach workers can assist. Within the city of Toronto, a call to 311 will also connect you to services, City Shelter Assessment and Referral Centre is a free call from any payphone 1-877-338-3398.
Please see link for City of Toronto services:

If someone does not wish to go to shelter, Out of the Cold programs are a good option. These programs are staffed by volunteers and are available at various locations around the city. Usually dinner is served and also breakfast is provided in the morning. Again, transportation may be a barrier so a TTC token could be helpful.
Please see this link for more information and locations:

If someone appears to be in need of assistance and you would like an outreach team to attend on scene, please call 311 or Streets to Homes at 416-392-0090.

If you are outside of the City of Toronto, please call 211 or visit this link for resources:

If someone is experiencing a medical emergency or is in acute distress, please call 911.

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  1. It's terribly cold. Just going out to fill the feeders in the backyard, my hands were numb. Good work, posting this info.